A chaser is an enemy on ChallengeYou.

Chasers come in three different forms: pumpkin, ghost, and UFO.

When you walk by a chaser, it "chases" you, and slows you down. Each chaser makes a different sound. The pumpkin chaser makes a chomping sound, the ghost chaser makes a moaning sound, and the UFO makes a beeping noise. Chasers are nearly invisible before they begin chasing you.

You can't destroy chasers like you can to icemen. To get rid of chasers, you must get to another level by a ladder, ramp, etc. Another way is to turn sharp corners. The chasers will then lose you.

If you have picked up crumbs, you can also press "C" to drop them. If you drop a crumb by the chaser, it will pause for a moment. You can also use a slingshot and shoot a crumb at a chaser, and it will do the same action.

If you're trying to finish a game, chasers can be a bit annoying.

A ghost chaser chasing a player.