Chris32 in fudgecycle's Chocolate Milk.

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March 12th, 2008





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Bikini Bottom (778)

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Welcome Tutorial (3/14/08)

Chris32 is an early player of ChallengeYou and is a "pretty cool guy" (as deemed by Xard). He joined in early 2008, and remained very active until somewhere around 2011. He still checks on the site often.

Contests Edit

Chris has only placed first in one contest, but has achieved second and third places as well.

  • 1st PLACE GIANT WORD CONTEST - ChallengeYou
  • 2nd PLACE BOND CONTEST - Bond 008
  • 3rd PLACE MONSTER CONTEST - Monster Lab

The following games were entered, but did not place.

  • PADDY CONTEST - Over the Rainbow
  • PUZZLE CONTEST - Island Adventure
  • JURASSIC CONTEST - Jurassic Coaster

Keep In Touch Edit

To contact Chris outside of ChallengeYou, the best thing to do is message him on Skype. Chris made his account when he was about ten, and as such, it is pretty cringe: nomnombacon32.

Trivia Edit

  • While Chris32 is male, he uses the female avatar.
  • At one point, Chris32 had over 200 advertised games. It has since been slimmed down to 25 games, the best he's created.
  • Chris has a total of 226 games including unpublished games and unfinished games.