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Civilization is a creative and different member on he has friends from all different groups such as BETAS like SpeedRacer to not so popular members like pokemon529. He is known by many as a comedian on ChallengeYou and has had two past failed accounts. He started in 2009 under the username "iceicebaby" he was extremely unpopular with only averaging about 4 plays, then he rejoined once again as "American" his popularity rose compared to his last account but he was still unpopular and only avereraged about 15 plays, he finally created the account Civilization in January 2010 where he has become much better and not unpopular while not really being popular either he averages 70.74 plays. He has more nick-names on ChallengeYou then almost if not all then any other member such as: Civil, Civ, Big C, C, Civic, Civiloo, Zation, Tion, Civi, and more. He may not be the most popular member in game plays but when it comes to friends he's an all star being friends with most active members on ChallengeYou he has devolped many friendships


Average Plays: 72

Subscribers: 25

Most Played game: Space Galaxy with 167 plays.

Contests Placing: 1st: One

2nd: One

3rd: Three

Not Placed: One