ChallengeYou makes a genre that you have to study for a Contest. You create a game and 1 week later, players can vote for it. If you win ChallengeYou will take another screenshot of the game and post it on the page it is now, the race. There are also two runner ups.

Contests and Winners Edit

Spring Contest - Spring Fever by Northwind

Fire Contest - Calavera Paradise by Rabbid515

Timetravel Contest - Journey To Eden by Babywinter

Movie Contest - Hollywood by Puffly38

Giant Word Contest - ChallengeYou by Chris32

Cruise Contest - CY Grand Cruise by Pokemvp

Treehouse Contest - Treehouse Travesty by SpeedRacer and sky10111

Color Contest - Rainbow Pxl Adv by fudgecycle

Escape Contest - Prison Break X by Pokemvp

Castle Contest - Candy Castle by Fudgecycle

Olympic Contest - Olympic Triathlon by the_darkness

Coaster Contest - eXite Coaster by darkComp