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A sample of coolever2's games


Coolever2 originally started playing on ChallengeYou in 2007, then made the account "coolever2" on January 23rd 2008.

Coolever2's main aim in the site was to have fun, help others who are stuck and create something from the own imagination.

Coolever2 has deleted most of the old games as a result of taking up the limit a couple of times and also just to make space. The challengeyou profile is now free for new games to be made, coolever2's original newbie games, which are not worth playing, are still there on his page for a memory, though.

Also, coolever2 has other things to be busy with at the moment as well as challengeyou so it's hard to always make new games.

The B.A.D cup:Edit

A while ago, Coolever2 made one of the original in-game competitions where the top 4 scores on the qualifying race would enter...

The people that got through the qualification were: Max480, NICKNOW, laurasam1 and blind_sorrow.

After each of the "player vs player" races were finished the final was between Laurasam1 and max480.

In the end, max480 won the B.A.D cup and was awarded with a dedicated game: a big model trophy sculpture.

The Races for the B.A.D cup do not exist anymore as they have been deleted, but Max480's trophy may not have.

Coolever2's future ahead on Challengeyou:Edit

Coolever2 has alot of projects ahead for the future, such as new coaster games (he loves them the most) and new in-game competitions.

Possibly there will be another B.A.D cup to have players competing in. Or maybe just to make things more interesting, the G.O.O.D cup.

Coolever2 outside challengeyou:Edit

Coolever2 does other things on the internet too:

Runescape username: Adamant Bar/ger/cool ever X/ the coolX X/ cool everX X/cool ever2   I'm called Cool ever X again. :D

RuneScape Classic: Cool ever X

Youtube channel: Rtyush, theJIFshow

Future submission channel for youtube: CYcentral

New websites that belong to coolever2: [ still in progress so will still look basic ],

Lego username: Jerome_381

Stickpage forum username: cool ever2

Club penguin: cool ever2 YoYoGames: Jerome381

Gods of time: coolever

Funorb: Cool ever X

Member of lots more stuff so will update it

*will get updated soon*