Hollywood is a game made by puffly38 in the mid-2008s.

It came 1st place in the Movie Contest and ever since then it's been getting hundreds of plays.

The concept of the game was to explore the main area and then try to beat one of the movies which were within Portals in theaters.

Some movies were: Planet of ze apes, Charlottes Web, The Maze

Soon after it's realease Hollywood was put under construction for nearly 2 years!

Now, by Mid-September 2010, The new version of Hollywood has been released.

Fun FactsEdit

-Hollywood is the first game to be won in a contest by puffly38.

-Did you know that Hollywood beat a game by Haakson in the movie contest?

-For two days, one of the movies in Hollwood was published on and got a grand total of 2 plays?