An iceman.

An Iceman is the main enemy in the games on

An Iceman looks like an ice rock in a game and in the props section of make games it looks like a blue, angry face. If an iceman runs into you or vise versa, you are frozen for ten seconds. You can press "H" on the keyboard to get out of a freeze, but ten seconds are still added to your final time.

You can destroy an iceman by hitting it with a slingshot and crumbs. If the creator of the game did not put a slingshot and crumbs into the game, then you cannot destroy them.

Icemen can go to speeds of 1-3 and an HP of 1-100. 3 is the fastest speed, and 1 is the slowest speed. The HP number is how many times you must hit an iceman with your slingshot and crumbs to destroy it.

Icemen are very popular on

A ChallengeYou player fighting icemen.