Palador is a role-playing game made by Sky10111. It hasn't been released yet, but many members have tried it. The game has

a new portal system and the game is made in an ingenious way. The game takes you through a battle between good and evil.

You're playing as Shade, and you'll meet tons of characters throughout the game.

The basic plot of Palador is that you are a messenger living in the town of Eldwin in a whole new ChallengeYou created

world of Palador. But after coming back from a recent delivery to the mayor of the nearby city of Flygon, you find your hometown

frozen and over-run with ice monsters, you must now journey with your neighbor, Sox, and try to find out how this happened and save Palador!

The game is set in different cities and places:

  • Eldwin
  • Flygon
  • Ogar
  • Mountains of Gor
  • The Great Lake
  • Wicelands
  • Skylon Outpost
  • Paladormir Island
  • Wotar Island