Salvage in Carthage
Salvage in Carthage
Underwater world as seen in Salvage in Carthage

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Epic Map

Game Play

Find all diamonds and the checkered finish marker


1st Place Underwater Contest


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Kung Fu Junction

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Hearts of Zimbabwe

Salvage in Carthage is a popular game on ChallengeYou.

The game was created by babywinter, and currently places as the 27th most popular game on ChallengeYou. The game also won first place in Underwater Contest.

The game was last saved on April 29, 2011. It had undergone the most changes in design, including relocating the whole top floor to expand the underwater map of the game. This is also the second game of babywinter that features "hero-saves-town" storyline. The first being Pueblo de Mendoza.

The description of the game is as follows: "A monster from the deep has awaken resulting [a] tsunami about to swallow Carthage. Could you be the hero?"

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