Ultra025 is a member who is most known for Ultra RPG and Ultra RPG 2, two very popular games, one of which can sometimes be seen on the popular games list. He joined ChallengeYou on April 26, 2008, a time period well-known for having many famous members join.

Popular gamesEdit

Ultra RPG

Ultra RPG was first released sometime around Christmas 2008. Since its release, it has accumulated over 600 views and has been seen on the popular games list. It is most well-known for introducing the concept of Laser Tag in RPGs on ChallengeYou.

Ultra RPG 2

Ultra RPG 2 was released on February 17, 2010. It was the first major RPG of the new decade, accumulating over 100 views in under 24 hours of its release. It was released with only the hotel/plaza portion complete and is still being worked on today. When it's 100% done it will include all the features of the first RPG plus:

• Badges for completing quests

• Actual quests, not just shooting IceMen for 2 minutes

• Features split into different games to reduce lag

• Cooler-designed areas

And much more...

It is not yet on the popular games list, but on February 19, 2010, it was honored with Race Winner's Choice by goldenclaw.